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We thrive on acoustics and data.

True Empowerment

CLIR Research LLC is a Knoxville, Tennessee based company offering unique solutions and a variety with information technology. Our business is working to create solutions to todays most challenging technology issues. While we work locally, we think globally and strive to develop efforts that will work no matter the market.

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Our Story

KNOXVILLE, TN – A small business is working hard in Knoxville, CLIR Research LLC is an information technology research and development firm. This veteran owned small business has a small group of experts are intent on changing and improving technology. Many of the staff members are educated with advanced degrees and a thirst for knowledge. Their current projects include biomedical devices, ambient noise detection, commercial product locator app, and process management improvement software. Their name defines their focus, Creative, Loyal, Innovative, and Reliable. Their mission is to be a source for change in our community, state, and nation. To push the edge of innovation with imagination and forethought. To develop the unknown and seek for the unimagined.
While the staff is small, the efforts have far reaching effects. The business is located in the Business Incubator on the campus of the University of Tennessee. They work daily to advance their projects and consider new approaches to current community issues or challenges.

CLIR Research LLC – A small veteran owned company with a focus on the future and a thirst to discover new approaches to technology.