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Information about our current business ventures.

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our customers' everyday environment. By addressing the noise around us, we help users understand the source of noises or sounds and the decibel levels at their location. This empowers people to address nuisances or choose the sounds they are exposed to. With sounds around us daily, we work to lower exposure levels to a reasonable level through the use of technology. We seek to improve the lives of our customers. Founded in 2019, our incredible team of programmers and designers have worked tirelessly to innovate new and exciting solutions to complex problems.

In order to provide excellent solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research the customer needs. We have, and will continue to work tirelessly to become the technological standard, providing big picture insights which industry leaders not only approve of, but also depend on. Get in touch to learn more.

Remote Monitoring