Noise is undermining our health and peace of mind

We are experiencing a constant increase in neighborhood, community, and city noise. This increase has diverse sources from cars to lawn mowers. Constant noise can destroy our hearing and lead to hypertension. Stress from noisy neighbors can interrupt daily activities and cause tension between residence. According to the World Health Organization (1999), "Noise exposure can increase blood pressure and vasoconstriction. After prolonged exposure, susceptible individuals may develop more permanent effects such as hypertension and heart disease."

We are researching new methods to measure and report noise within neighborhoods and around homes. We would like to invite anyone that is currently experiencing a noise issue to participate in this conversation. With enough voices, we can push for true noise ordinance enforcement and stricter punishment for offenders. We realize there is a significant industry dedicated to loud exhaust pipes and boom car stereos. However, the people who support and participate in this industry are outnumber by those who long for quiet.

The current pandemic has sent more of us into our homes full time. This has brought new light to an old problem, neighborhood noise. You can remain anonymous but please help us advance our research. If you are willing to participate through an interview or perhaps an analysis of the noise in your neighborhood, please let us know. Thank you

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